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Primary (Ages 6-8)

Primary Class Description

Designed for boys and girls aged 6-8 years, Ballet/Tap and Jazz/Acro combo classes allow students to explore 2 dance styles within one class, developing well-rounded young students who can move on to our Pre-Mini Competitive Training program with a solid foundation in dance.   We also offer a Hip Hop class for dancers looking for a fun class to dance to current pop music and develop rhythm and co-ordination.  Our Primary classes are structured to offer both the recreational and more serious dancers strong technique through RAD Ballet, ADAPT Jazz and Al Gilbert Tap training in a fun, safe, no-pressure environment.  Dancers enjoy learning team work, class structure, discipline, musicality, body and spatial awareness in our very popular Primary classes.

Dancers showing promise in our Primary programs may be invited to join our Pre-Mini Competitive Training Program after 1-2 years of Primary Training.

60-minute/week Ballet/Tap and Jazz/Acro Combo class tuition is $83+gst/month.  The recital costume fee is $100+gst/class.

All Full Year Primary classes run from September through June, and will participate in a year end recital at the end of the season.

Sessional Primary classes are $180+gst for each 10 week session with no registration or costume fees.

Registration for new families is open on June 1st!

For students interested in joining our competitive training program, please email us at northcalgarydance@gmail.com for more information about our program and to be added to audition interest list.

Our ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus with fully certified teachers, and we offer well rounded and comprehensive training for children learning ballet for fun, or with goals of future exams and competitive work.  Ballet is highly recommended for all dancers who are just starting out, and is essential for those 8 years and over who are training in other disciplines.   Ballet classes instill a love for music and movement, stretch and strengthen young bodies, build a strong work ethic and increase self-confidence in students.

In Tap, students will learn a combination of Al Gilbert and ADAPT tap syllabus, encouraging a progressive build in technique and the understanding of basic rhythms, timings and tap steps.  Students will enjoy this high energy class as they develop co-ordination, and strengthen their legs and feet.

In Jazz, students will learn using syllabus from the ADAPT syllabus and develop their technique, focus and flexibility within the work.  Jazz classes are high energy and will keep your dancer moving from start to finish, learning warm ups, barre work, centre floor exercises and technical combinations.  

In Acro, students have a chance to develop flexibility and strength as we explore somersaults, back bends, bridges, headstands and cartwheels, along with other basic gymnastic skills.  Acro is a wonderful compliment to any dancer’s training and is popular for it’s strength and flexibility benefits.   NCDC is proud to be a certified studio in both the Acrobatique and Acrobatic Arts syllabus, ensuring proper training, technique and progression for all students.

Hip Hop
A recreational class offered to any student, with or without previous dance training who wants a fun, high energy class.  Dance to popular music while developing rhythm, style, co-ordination and performance.  Hip Hop classes are structured to give students fun cardio and social connection.

2024/2025 Primary Class Schedule


4:15-5:15pm – Jazz/Acro Combo Class


5:00-6:00pm – Jazz/Acro Combo Class


615-7:15pm – Ballet/Tap Combo Class


9:15-10:15am – Ballet/Tap Combo Class
10:30-11:30am – Jazz/Acro Combo Class
10:45-11:30am – *SESSIONAL* Hip Hop Class
11:30-12:15pm – *SESSIONAL* Jazz/Acro Combo Class

10-week Primary Sessions 2024/2025
Hip Hop – Saturdays 10:45-11:30am
Jazz/Acro – Saturdays 11:30-12:15pm

Session 1 – September 14th – November 23rd, 2024  (No class October 12)
Session 2 – January 11th – March 22nd, 2025 (No class February 15)
Session 3 – March 29th – June 14th, 2025 (No class April 19 & May 17)

45-minute/week class sessional tuition is $180+gst with no registration or costume fees.

CLICK HERE for a full listing of dress code, and store suggestions.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!