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Recreational (Ages 11+)

Recreational Class Descriptions Ages 11+

We are proud to offer a variety of classes for our 11+ year old recreational students.  These classes are taught at the same high standard as our competitive level classes, without the higher degree of commitment required from the dancers.  Students enrolled in our recreational programs do not need any prior dance experience, and can choose from classes in Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Ballet.  Our warm and supportive class environment ensures the dancers build not only on their dance technique, but also their self esteem and confidence.  Dancers learn class etiquette and discipline while making friends, developing body awareness, musicality, rhythm, strength and flexibility.   Our recreational classes often serve to bridge the gap in training for dancers who wish to join our competitive program, and we recommend these dancers to register in all available classes in order to be considered for the competitive program the following season.

Our 45-minute/week recreational class tuition is $65/month and the recital costume fee is $85/class.  A discount of 5% is offered to students taking 2 classes, and 10% for students enrolled in 3 or more classes.

All Recreational classes run from September through June, and will participate in a year end recital at the end of the season. 

Registration for new families is open on June 1st!

For students interested in joining our competitive training program, please email us at northcalgarydance@gmail.com for more information about our program and to be added to audition interest list.

Our ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus with fully certified teachers, and will help the dancers develop good posture, strength, flexibility, discipline, musicality and a love of dance.  Ballet is highly recommended for all dancers who are just starting out, and is essential for those 8 years and over who want to take their dance training more seriously.  Classes begin with the ballet training portion and finish with modern technique including across the floor exercises and floor work.

In Jazz, students will learn using a combination of syllabus to develop their technique, focus, musicality and flexibility.  Jazz classes are high energy and will keep your dancer moving from start to finish, learning warm ups, barre work, centre floor exercises and technical combinations.  

Lyrical class is a popular option for dancers looking to express themselves through movement, drawing on technique developed in their jazz and ballet classes.  Commonly referred to as ‘contemporary dance’, lyrical allows the students to let go and dance for the love of it.

Hip Hop
In Hip Hop, dancers enjoy learning current and urban movement in always age appropriate combinations and work across the floor.  Hip Hop is a high energy class sure to develop rhythm and musicality in students.

2022/2023 Recreational Class Schedule for 11+ years


7:45-8:30pm – Jazz Class
8:30-9:15pm – Lyrical Class


7:15-8:00pm – Hip Hop Class


11:30-12:30pm – Ballet/Modern Combo Class

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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!